Sago Point Home Owners Association

Welcome to the Sago Point HOA 

This site provides our homeowners with a resource to find Rules & Regulations, and to easily contact the right person if you have ACC questions, landscaping needs or irrigation issues.  Browse the site to find answers to your questions or Contact Us if you have questions.  If you have irrigation or landscaping needs - please use the website links.

Latest News 

The next Sago Point Board meeting will be July 16th at the Bayou Club at 6:00.

West Coast will go to weekly mowing starting the first week in April.  Irrigation was increased to 30 minutes but we are still limited by the county to one day per week.

The Board met on May 7th and accepted Michael Saxon's resignation and congratulated him and his wife on their baby that is on the way.

The current Board is:

President:  Lynn Jakeway

VP:  Open

ACC:  Marlena Kern

Secretary:  Deval Shaw

Treasurer:  Leslie Roberts

If you are interested in participating on the Board please contact Lynn at  

The Board met on February 13, 2024 to discuss the BCCA proposed changes to the Governing Documents.   BCCA Annual meeting is February 21st at the Bayou Club.   Please review the proposed changes carefully and vote.   

The Second Notice of the Annual meeting was emailed/ mailed.  We only received two intentions to be a candidate for the Board, Lynn Jakeway and Leslie Roberts to fill the two vacancies.  In accordance with State Statutes, there is no requirement to hold an election if the number of candidates equals the number of positions open.

The Board met on December 5, 2023 to accept Linda Moore's resignation as president and nominate Michael Saxon, previously Vice President as the new President.  The Board thanks Linda for her service.  The Board appointed Lynn Jakeway as a Director to fill the vacant position.

Beginning December 1st, Pinellas County is under a watering restriction due to the drought.    Your lawns will only be watered once per week until the restrictions are lifted.

The Board approved the 2024 budget at the November meeting.  Dues will increase to $208/month effective January 1, 2024.   The primary reasons for the increase was a large increase in 2023 for trash service and a 4% increase in landscaping and fertilization in 2024.  Irrigation budget did not increase.  2024 Budget.

We have two open positions for the Board in 2024.   Please submit your intention to be a candidate by January 11th, 2024.  

Paver repairs were completed in November.

The July 12, 2023 Board meeting was held.    The Board approved the filing of paperwork with the attorney to preserve the Declarations and Covenants for Sago under the Marketable Record Title Act.   There was discussion and plans to address paver replacement issues, mulch, and irrigation issues.  An ALOFT treatment was made the week of July 16 to address chinch bugs.  

 OLD News 

The Annual Meeting was held February 28, 2023 at 6:00 at the Bayou Club.  The new Board of Directors are:  

President:  Linda Moore

Vice President:  Michael Saxon

Secretary:  Deval Shah

Treasurer:  Leslie Roberts

Director / ACC:  Marlena Kern

Pump #1 was repaired and the pressure has been reestablished.  Watering was resumed. 

1-14-23:   Board Meeting - Primarily focused on Irrigation issues.

December 12 Board meeting was cancelled.

November - West Coast goes to bi weekly mowing.  You will be receiving information on ordering mulch if you would like to have it put down for you.  

11-9-22:  Board Meeting - 2023 Budget meeting - the Board voted to increase the monthly fee to $196/month from $162/month due to increased expenses for contracts this year.

10-31-22 Halloween Meet & Greet - 9812 Sago Point 6:00 PM See Details here

10-22-22:  ITS will be reducing watering times as the temperatures drop and we go into the winter slower growing season.  

10-19-22 Board Meeting - 1 PM Bayou Club - Irrigation Review & ACC - the Board is obtaining pricing for a group discount for mulch, but the residents will be required to pay for mulch this year as there is no budget for it.  Yards should be mulched before Thanksgiving.

10-11-22 Board Meeting - 6 PM Bayou Club - regular meeting

9-29-22:  Post Ian - BCCA will be contracting with Fieldstone to remove the debris from the streets.  Please pile debris curbside and it will be picked up.  (Don't sweep into the storm drains.)

9-27-22:  Waste Connections is cancelling recycle pick up for Sago Point residents on Wednesday Sept. 28 and hope to resume normal service on Friday Sept. 30.

9-26-22:  ITS will be on property today and shut down the irrigation with the impending Ian storm approaching.  It will be turned off until further notice.

West Coast is offering a discount of $35/palm for taller palms.  Contact Ken Dobler at  by October 6th.  They will be trimming on October 18th.

9-27-22 Board Meeting cancelled due to potential hurricane

ITS completed the initial repairs which was approximately 100 hours of service tech time to repair broken heads, zones coming on simultaneously, clogged nozzles, line breaks and changing nozzles.  Please see the list of of repairs.  The Board is reviewing the next list of repairs.    West Coast applied Top Choice treatment Sept. 22 for mole crickets.

9-13-22 Board Meeting - Deval Shah was appointed Secretary.  

ITS has completed their initial inspection and found numerous issues including valves that were not shutting off completely, zones coming on at the same time as others, a break under a sidewalk,  and zone breaks on Controller #2 that were turned off until repairs could be complete.  The Board authorized an initial repairs of the most critical items that should be completed by 9/24.   Additional work needs to be done and the Board is working on a longer term strategy. 

8-1-22:  The contract with Fieldstone has been terminated and West Coast is the new contractor for landscaping and fertilization.  On 8-3-22 they applied ALOFT treatment for chinch bugs and a post emergent herbicide.   The board authorized this to deal with the widespread issue in the community and is supposed to treat for 3 months.  Irrigation Technical Services (ITS) was hired to manage the irrigation system starting August 7th. 

7-20-22:  There were several changes to the board that happened at the meeting:  Ray Ballou's resignation was accepted as director; Deval Shah was appointed a director to replace Ray.  Jeff Lovelady announce he will be moving to Lakewood Ranch and so could not continue as President.  The Board asked Jeff to stay as a Director as long as possible until a new board member could be found.  Linda Moore was selected to be the new President.