Architectural Control Committee

The ACC committee completed home inspections in March.  As a reminder, please complete the repairs promptly.

Modifications to the landscaping and your home - painting, roof repairs, pools, pools cages, generators, pavers, etc. require pre-approval from the Sago ACC committee.  Please download the form, complete it and submit it to the Sago ACC Committee for approval.  We approve for Sago, not BCCA.

Homes are inspected by the committee every year normally in October and residents will  receive a letter outlining any repairs to be made.  Re-inspections of homes has been completed and letters sent out for those that have not completed their corrective actions. 

ACC Application for Exterior Projects

Email form to ACC Chairperson

ACC Rules & Regulations June 2021

Please review Section 3 of Rules & Regs  for Approved Landscaping

Visit Sherwin Williams design website for color pallets that are already approved for Sago Point HOA.

Please email your application to: