May 2023 - Pump 1 repairs made - watering set for 2 x / week

March 2023 - ITS resumed twice a week watering

Jan 2023 - ITS went to a once a week watering schedule as the grass is going dormant and we don't want to overwater.  West Coast applied an insecticide to the yards.

October 19, 2022 - ITS is changing the irrigation schedule as we move into the fall season and we will post a new schedule shortly.

Pump #1 was pulled and checked, repairs were made to eliminate the leaks.  

We are taking the advice of our Landscape and Irrigation contractors to water at the appropriate levels, and not over water which creates problems with landscaping, dollar weed, bugs and fungus.

ITS completed their initial inspection of all properties.  The findings included multiple line breaks, broken heads and an extensive list of repairs.  The Board authorized major repairs and they were completed as of 10-19-22.  Discussions are being held within the Board on the next phase of recommendations which will address who pays for:

Longer term irrigation plans are also being reviewed by the Board.  Additional informational presentations will be announced.

Please complete the form below if you have a specific irrigation request - broken sprinkler, etc. and they will be reviewed and forwarded to the Fieldstone irrigation technician.   Sago HOA provides minor irrigation repairs to your property with monthly fees.  Major renovations or repairs due to architectural changes will be your responsibility.   Please upload pictures.

Below is a description of the report(s) from ITS of recent repairs:

September 9-6-22 to 9-14-22  Irrigation Repair Report