What do I need to do to sell my house?

Sago does have a form to complete to get authorization to sell your home - please download it here.  We will need an estoppel letter that provides the balance of the monthly payments due / or current.  Please email the request to sagoboardT@gmail.com.  The fee is $200 for an estoppel request in 10 days and an additional $100 for an expedited request in 3 days.

Please note that the withdraw is the 3rd of the month so your ACH may not be stopped if you sell at the end of the month.  Your property will also be reviewed by the ACC committee.  While they cannot require you make repairs before you sell - they will advise you and the buyer of any deficiencies and non-compliance that will need to be addressed at some point during the next ACC review typically in March.

What do I need to do as a new resident?

We hope to meet you when you move in - but in case we don't meet you face to face.

Welcome!  Please see BCCA to get the RFDA for your car to have access to the gates.

Please set up ACH withdraw from Truist for the monthly $208 dues for Sago Point HOA.  You will also need to do the same for BCCA.  Their fee is $325/mo.  You can download the form here on our website.  Please send it to SagoboardT@gmail.com or drop at 9743 Sago Point Drive, Largo FL 33777 - there is a mailbox for Sago Residents by the door.

We send email notifications out to the residents for board meetings, annual meetings - we need your contact information - so please download that form and send to the president.

Please download copies of the Rules and Regs and by-laws.  We do have an architectural control committee that will review any changes you have to repainting your home, replacing roofs and landscaping.  There are also other rules you will want to be familiar about.

You will probably figure out - trash is picked up on Tuesday and Fridays and recycle on Wednesday.  Please contact Waste Connections of Florida directly for recycle bins.  

We have a Services Page that may help you find contractors.